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      Refrigerant R404

      Product name : R404A Mixed Refrigerant

      Product composition: R125/R143a/R134a

      Product standard: Q/JHGS 205-2015

      R-404A Refrigerant, alias R404A, trade names SUVA HP62, SUVA 404A, Genetron 404A, etc. Since R-404A belongs to HFC type non-azeotropic environmental refrigerant (completely free of ozone depleting CFC, HCFC), it has been recognized and recommended by most countries in the world as the mainstream low temperature environmental refrigerant, widely used in new freezing equipment. Adding during the installation and maintenance process. Meets the standards of the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA, SNAP and UL, in line with the American Association of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) A1 safety rating category (this is a high Grade, harmless to human body).

      Main Uses

      R-404A is widely used as a low-temperature refrigerant, and is often used in cold storage, food refrigeration equipment, marine refrigeration equipment, industrial cryogenic refrigeration, commercial low temperature refrigeration, transportation refrigeration equipment (refrigerated vehicles, etc.), refrigeration condensing Units, supermarket display Refrigeration equipment such as cabinets.

      R404A Refrigerant is a popular industry standard Refrigerant (usually a cryogenic refrigeration system) that replaces Freon R22 and R502 on new refrigeration equipment. R404A is close to the operation of R-502. It is suitable for all R-502 operating environments, R404A gets Approval and use by most refrigeration equipment manufacturers worldwide. However, since R404A and R502 and R22 have different physical and chemical properties, theoretical cycle performance and compressor oil, it is still only necessary to add or replace the Refrigerant for the after-sales maintenance of the R502 and R22 Refrigerant refrigeration equipment. Adding R502 and R22 usually cannot replace R502 and R22 directly with R404A (that is, it is usually not possible to perform a blood exchange type replacement).

      Storage, transportation

      R-404A Refrigerant cylinders are pressure vessels. Keep them away from fire, heat and direct sunlight. Store them in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse. Lightly load and unload during handling to prevent accessories such as cylinders and valves. damaged.

      Disposable cylinder 20.925LB/9.5kg; 25lb/11.3kg; recyclable cylinder 400L, 926L; ISO-tank.

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